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Technical Specification - KL5M Caving/Mine exploration lamp


KL5M cap lamp with NWB-15 charger

Much improved over the years, with higher performance and increased durability, the KL5M has been our most popular industrial LED cap lamp since we started trading in 2006. This latest version of the KL5M has further-improved light output with a Cree LED main light source.

Since 2011, the combined weight of the headset, cable and battery pack has also now been considerably reduced from 600g to 550g due to the new smaller battery pack.

Two versions are available - one with the familiar white LED at 150 Lumens output, and the new 'warm' LED version, which due to the different colour temperature, is rated at 120 Lumens output.

Light Specifications



Rated capacity

> 5.5Ah (Lithium-ion battery)

Rated voltage


Continuous discharging time

15 hrs

Main light LED working voltage


Main light LED working current

0.37A (0.35A-0.39A)

Main light power


Main light luminous flux

150Lm (120Lm for the 'warm' LED version)

Main lamp brightness (fully charged)

> 9,000Lux (distance in 1m)

Main light usage life

> 30,000 hrs

Accessory light power


Accessory light usage life hour

> 20,000 hrs

Short circuit protect time

< 320 µs

Usage duration of battery (recharges)

1200 recharges (in reasonable working condition)

Charging time

6 - 8 hrs


78x31x79mm (size of the Li-ion battery)

Total weight


Water Resistant

To 15 metres

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