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Technical Specification - KL8M LED miner's cap lamp



The super-bright KL8M caving/mining lamp features an impressive 400lm output and with ~13hours running time on full beam, the KL8M has sufficient in reserve for most caving trips, or to cover a night or underground working shift without problems.



Light Specifications



Rated capacity

> 8.8Ah (Lithium-ion battery)

Rated voltage


Continuous discharging time

13 hrs

Main light LED working voltage


Main light LED working current


Main light power

>1.5W (Cree LED)

Main light luminous flux


Main lamp brightness (fully charged)

15,000 - 23,000 Lux (distance in 1m)

Main light usage life

> 30,000 hrs

Accessory light power


Accessory light usage life hour

> 20,000 hrs

Short circuit protect time

< 320 µs

Usage duration of battery (recharges)

1200 recharges (in reasonable working condition)

Charging time

4 -5 hrs


75x26x82mm (size of the Li-ion battery)

Total weight


Water Resistant

To 15 metres

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