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Wisdom NWB-30 smart charger for Wisdom cordless cap lamps

An alternate charger for Wisdom cordless lamps, the NWB-30 is a fully portable intelligent single lamp charger specifically tailored to the Li-ion battery of the cordless lamp range.

Charging is through the lamp headset – simply slot the lamp onto the (keyed) charger. The NWB-30 charger uses a smart charge routine, preventing over charging and thus allows the battery to be topped up at any time.

Screw-hole keyways on the rear of the charger allow for mounting the unit on a backboard - perfect for situations where a "rack" of chargers is required - such as industrial, show cave or outdoor pursuits usage.

Suitable for use with the Cordless 3A cap lamp, the ATEX certified Cordless 3A cap lamp and the Cordless 3A Warm Light cap lamp.

Not compatible with KL series lamps - see below for the appropriate charger for these models.

For the KL4MS, KL5MS, KL5MS-ATEX and KL5M lamps use the NWB-20 portable charger.
For the KL8MS, KL8M, KL8MS-ATEX and KL12MS-ATEX lamps use the NWB-25A portable charger.

There's also a wide of rack chargers available for both KL series and Cordless lamps, a selection of which can be seen on our Rack Chargers page.


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