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Caplamp and Charger Sets - LED caving / mine exploration cap lamp + charger bundles

KL and Cordless series lamps
Most users buy a lamp and charger together (you MUST use the correct charger for the type of lamp you have). The KL series lamps are an ideal alternative to Oldham cap lamps with which many will be familiar, particularly in the mining and tunnelling sectors.
To make your choice simple, we are offering a series of lamp and charger bundles. Each bundle comprises a lamp with the recommended charger, and is offered at a discounted price compared with buying the equivalent lamp and charger individually.
The NWB-20 and NWB-25A chargers can be used with any of the KL series cap lamps which all have a rotating 'keyway' charging connection, but we recommend using the faster NWB-25A charger for the KL8M-SB and KL12M lamps which have a  higher capacity battery. The NWB-20 charger is best suited to the KL5M cap lamp.
The new range of cordless lamps uses a slide connection to connect to the charger and must be used with the NWB-30 charger.

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