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Portable Li-Ion chargers for LED Caving and Mining Lamps.

The NWB series of portable chargers are lightweight, compact and inexpensive smart chargers designed specifically to provide the optimum charging regime for the Li-Ion batteries used in the KL and Cordless 3 ranges of LED miners cap lamps.

All the chargers in the range are "smart", allowing lamp charge to be topped up at any time, without fear of damaging the cells through over-charging (as was the case with the old NiCad "memory effect"). The charge LED glows red whilst charging, and green (or green flashing) when the LED cap lamp is fully charged.

Mains input chargers accept a wide range of input voltages - from 80v ac to 265v ac, and are thus compatible with mains voltage supplies around the world.

The NWB-20 and NWB-25A chargers, compatible with the KL series lamps, are available to purchase separately, however if you are planning to purchase a lamp/charger set please see the LED cap lamp/portable charger sets page as you will save money compared with purchasing a lamp and charger individually.

The NWB-30 charger, specifically for charging the Cordless 3 range of lamps, is currently not available to purchase separately and can only be bought as part of a set.

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