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Wisdom cap lamps for industrial usage, mining, camping, caving, hiking, fishing and night work

Welcome to the original UK home of Wisdom miners cap lamps and Wisdom ATEX MII certified miners cap lamps

Wye Valley Associates Ltd has  been the  UK distributor for Wisdom LED miners cap lamps for over ten years. From Q3 2016 we sell a range of ATEX MII certified miners cap lamps at extremely competitive prices. .

Wisdom miners' cap lamps (designed for the harsh and safety-critical underground conditions of the Chinese coal mining industry) are the ideal lighting solution for underground services inspection, caving (speleology) and mine exploration.

Robust, portable, lightweight and thoroughly reliable, with traditionally-favoured through-the-headset charging, they feature an incredibly small maintenance-free rechargeable lithium ion (Li-ion) battery in a solid, impact-resistant anti-static housing.

Wisdom LED cap lamps for caving, mine exploration, outdoor education centres and services inspection

The Wisdom KL5M, KL5M-S, KL8M, KL8M-S and KL12M-S LED headlights provide a bright, reliable source of lighting for caving (speleology) and mine exploration and are water resistant to 1.5 atmospheres (15 metres). They are also ideal mining (metal/stone mines) and inspection lamps, eg for inspecting drains, sewers and railway or other tunnels and are a proven winner with numerous of outdoor education and adventure caving centres across the UK. The Lithium-ion battery pack is both compact and lightweight, and fits snugly onto a standard 40mm wide battery belt or tucks neatly into an oversuit or boiler suit pocket. A safety feature of these headlamps is that when battery charge is running low (approximately 1 hour's usage remaining on main beam, several hours for the pilot light) the LED gives a warning flash at regular intervals, whilst still remaining perfectly usable.

  • Lightweight belt-mounted battery pack
  • High quality rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Bright focussed beam - powerful 1W ultra bright white LED (KL5MS)
  • Bright focussed beam - powerful 1.5W ultra bright white LED (KL8MS)
  • Bright focussed beam - powerful 3W ultra bright white Cree LED (KL12MS)
  • Up to 15 hours burn time on main beam (16+ hours for KL8M)
  • Water resistant to 15 metres
  • Anti-static, impact-resistant battery case
  • Heavy duty, wear-resistant cable connection to headset
  • Incredible value for money 

"You said I'd be impressed when I received my lamp - and I am! Thank you."
A. Johnson, Birmingham

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