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Why should you buy New Wisdom KL5M, KL8M and Cordless cap lamps from

We're proud to have been the UK supplier for the New Wisdom series of cap lamps since 2006 when, having identified the KL5M's potential as a keenly-priced, superbly reliable and rugged lamp for sport caving, mine exploration and outdoor centre and show cave and mine use, we introduced it to the UK caving lamp market.

Manufactured in China to the highest standards and subject to stringent testing procedures, the KL5M LED Li-ion cap lamp utilises lithium-ion technology in conjunction with a purpose-designed LED to give an extremely bright, thoroughly reliable and lightweight lamp that has been designed in accordance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) for the rigours of the Chinese coal mining industry. Made to withstand the harshest underground conditions, the lamp is manufactured from impact and temperature resistant Makrolon plastic material. The lithium-ion technology means the potential hazards associated with older lead-acid batteries have now been removed. The sealed-unit lamp and battery pack are totally maintenance-free, requiring nothing other than charging as required to keep them in good order for up to 1,200 recharge cycles, significantly reducing cost of ownership and doing away entirely with the frustration of ad-hoc repairs and replacing worn-out components. The ergonomic design of the battery pack mean it is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and the bright, clear white light gives superb visibility in the underground environment.

Now in its fourth iteration, and now almost twice as bright as the original KL5M, this lamp has continued to prove its worth and durability in a competitive market where performance is paramount. With new features such as the twin LED pilot, 'soft touch' push button operation, massively improved water resistance and improved internal electronics this lamp continues to offer the best of LED lamp technology to its users.

Going cable-free - the Cordless 2A and 2C cap lamp

New for 2013 are two new lightweight, cordless rechargeable cap lamps perfectly suited to the rigours and challenges of outdoor education centres and services inspection. Low price doesn't mean any loss of quality and the bullet-proof, waterproof housing afford all the protection your lamp needs. Highly recommended for cavers, mine explorers, trekkers, cyclists and climbers too due to their compact size, light weight and long battery life.

The next generation-  the 230 Lumen, 1.5W 8.8AH KL8M lamp

Last year we started to market the KL8M lamp from New Wisdom Investment. Having acquired and road-tested a sample of this new lamp , we had to admit we were very impressed with it - and we think you will be too. Unbelievably bright for the cost, this lamp is surely destined to become a favourite with cavers and mine explorers alike. As hard-wearing and hard-working as the KL5M, with a battery pack the same physical size and weight although boasting greater capacity, this lamp also comes with a car charger accessory as standard and a faster (4 - 5hrs for full charge) charger. More details can be found on our KL8M technical specification web page.

And now - a 400 Lumen version of the KL8M - the KL8M-SB lamp

The KL8M is a superbly rugged and bright light for the cost - and now there is an even brighter version, the KL8M-SB. This belts out a whopping 400Lumens of light via 1.5W Cree LED and really is a match for lamps that cost two to three times as much.It's thoroughly dependable too, and to add to all this, the battery pack has actually been reduced in size and weight making it still smaller and lighter to carry.

The KL5M-C 185Lm cordless light - for those who prefer to be cable-free

New for 2012 is the KL5M-C cordless light, with a very respectable light output of 185Lm. The tiny battery pack, instead of being waist-mounted, is situated directly behind the headset and fits comfortably onto a standard lamp mounting bracket. A great choice for cave diggers and for those who prefer not to have a waist-mounted battery.

So what does all this mean for you, and why should you buy from

With hundreds of satisfied customers and an ever-increasing customer base, we believe the New Wisdom KL series of cap lamps represents excellent value in the market of caving, mine exploration and services inspection lamps.

With this value goes an unrivalled quality and robust, solid build that is constantly evolving to meet today's challenging underground conditions at an affordable and realistic price that won't break the bank and is less than half (or indeed, less than a third) of what you might pay for other comparable lamps.

Important though they are, build quality, reliability, and price aren't everything. Here are some other reasons why you should consider buying from us.

Because we are the UK importer and supplier for this lamp, it means:

  • peace of mind - you deal with an established UK supplier who has been supplying New Wisdom lamps to the UK & Europe for over 6 years
  • goods fully tested and checked - we check and test every lamp before it goes on sale
  • UK mains plug* - lamp chargers are supplied with a FREE upgrade to a UK mains plug
  • no import VAT* - you do NOT have to pay the import VAT - this has already been done by us
  • no import duties, taxes, customs or handling charges* - we have already paid the import duty, customs and handling charges
  • no nasty surprises* - you won't find that your goods have been held up in Customs as our stock is held here in the UK
  • no hidden charges* - you do NOT have to pay a transaction charge for your purchase
  • easy, safe, secure on-line payment - simple, secure on-line payment via our secure payment gateway, NoChex
  • fast, efficient delivery* - we are UK-based and usually dispatch with 1~2 days
  • collect your order for FREE - you can collect your purchase from us if you prefer, saving on delivery charges
  • extras readily available from stock - you can quickly and easily buy ad-hoc one-off pieces such as an additional lamp or charger
  • UK customer service - we're here to answer your email and telephone enquiries 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday



* This applies only to purchases within the UK. If you are purchasing from outside the UK/EU, you may be liable to additional taxes and charges which depend on the country of import. Deliveries to countries other than the UK will take longer - please contact us for estimated time schedules. You will not pay additional charges should you choose to pay via NoChex, however if you elect to make payment by bank transfer, BACS or international money transfer you may incur addiitonal charges.

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